Mazda supports the NASA Championship

Mazda supports the NASA Championship

Mazda Motorsports

Mazda supports the NASA Championship


Mazda Motorsports is bringing parts, offering coaching and hosting a dinner for Mazda racers competing at the NASA Championship at Circuit of The Americas

The 2018 NASA Championship at Circuit of The Americas in Austin on Sept. 12-15 is expected to be one of the largest events in NASA history, particularly for Mazda racers given Toyo’s big prize money for the Spec Miata championship race. To make sure those Mazda racers have everything they need and then some, Mazda Motorsports is pulling out all the stops to support its competitors.

The support from Mazda Motorsports includes a parts truck on site, a dinner for Mazda racers, crew and families on Thursday night at the track, two Mazda pro racers on hand to offer coaching and, of course, contingency.

“For Mazda, grassroots racing is a pillar of our overall company strategy,” says David Cook, manager, Mazda Motorsports Business Development. “The racers represent the competitive spirit. They are not only brand advocates, they represent the Spirit of Mazda, especially the tenets of always improving and working together for mutual benefit. That’s why we want to support them in any way possible.”

Mazda Motorsports will be bringing its parts truck and specialists from California, with Josh Smith coming from the East Coast to lend a hand as well. Smith will also be the liaison with NASA for any tech issues that arise. Although surprises always happen, previous events have guided the Mazda Motorsports team on how to stock the truck, which will likely be parked in the upper paddock.

“With the exceptional turnout, particularly with Spec Miata, we’re hopeful we’ll have enough of the right parts,” says Cook. “We’re using our experience at these big championship events, plus what we’ve learned with Josh Smith and Steve Strickland in our support program initiative we’ve taken in the Southeast, in order to have the right parts.”

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