Sirotkin not worried by 2019 uncertainty

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Sirotkin not worried by 2019 uncertainty

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Sirotkin not worried by 2019 uncertainty


Sergey Sirotkin will not let uncertainty over his future distract him from the task of trying to help Williams bounce back from a poor first part of the season.

Williams went into the summer break with just four points to its credit and is stranded at the bottom of the constructors’ championship. Siroktin is the only driver yet to score a point this year, and Williams only confirmed him as a driver for 2018 at the start of the season, but the Russian rookie believes it would be detrimental to worry about his future.

“I don’t really think I should expect any news on 2019,” Sirotkin said. “I know my role in the team, I know my part. I’m taking that on. For sure nobody in F1 has any guarantees in this sport, but in the situation we are in now, the worst thing could be to start thinking about whatever could happen.

“I know what to do. I know what the team is waiting for from me, and we are all on the same page.”

When asked if it would be nice to have certainty that he will have the opportunity to reap the rewards of his efforts, Sirotkin replied: “It’s a good question, because for sure I am really trying to put my heart into the job.

“It’s passion. You don’t do it just because you are paid to be at the track from 9am-6pm or whatever, you’re doing this because you want to put your heart into your performances on track, your laps, into the work you are doing with the guys.

“Clearly I know what job I am doing in the team, I clearly know my role, I clearly know how much the team appreciates it. So I’m quite relaxed about it.”

Despite the struggles Williams is facing so far this year, Siroktin says he would have made the same decision to join the team even if he’d known how difficult his rookie season would be.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” he insisted. “It is tough, and for a rookie driver it’s so much easier to get into a car that is much easier to drive. From there, if you you have the talent and you are a quick driver, then it’s so much easier to odo the job. But at the same time, it does really give you something extra that not so many drivers could face in a season.

“So OK, I’m not in the best position to be sitting in front of you saying whether I did good or bad, but I’m in a good position to prove something to some people that even in difficult moments and in difficult situations I can still deliver and be the guy to pull up the team. I do really appreciate taking this position and taking on this challenge and this responsibility.”