Podcast: Xfinity racer Garrett Smithley

Image by Cantrall/LAT

Podcast: Xfinity racer Garrett Smithley


Podcast: Xfinity racer Garrett Smithley


In a different kind of interview on the podcast we get to know Xfinity Series driver Garrett Smithley.

As the JD Motorsports driver explains, he doesn’t come from money, and Smithley has worked to not only be able to climb into a race car but get the sponsorship to do so. In this podcast, Smithley explains how involved he is with taking care of the business side of his career, his family background and what he was like growing up. Smithley also talks school, his music and food preferences, plus his affinity for certain television shows.

Plus, an interesting look on whether or not he can be friends with his competition… and why did he bring up the NASCAR Hall of Fame?

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