2019-spec front wings appear at Budapest test

Image by Portlock/LAT

2019-spec front wings appear at Budapest test

Formula 1

2019-spec front wings appear at Budapest test


Force India and Williams have both been running 2019-specification front wings during the opening day of in-season testing in Hungary.

Next season will see a simplified front wing design introduced in order to try and make it easier for cars to follow each other more closely and increase the opportunities for overtaking. Compared to this year’s wing, next year will see the width increase and fewer elements, with the wing having a “low outwash potential” in order to have less of an impact on the following car.

With teams already focusing their development on their 2019 cars — which will also feature changes to the brake ducts and rear wing — the final two days of in-season testing at the Hungaroring are a major opportunity to gain data about how the changes will affect the car on track.

Both Force India and Williams emerged at the start of the opening day with 2019-specification front wings on their respective cars, and carried out extensive running using the different design, with both teams still using it after lunch.

Oliver Rowland tests the Williams FW41 at Hungaroring. (Image by Mauger/LAT)

As the first point of contact for the airflow over the car, the front wing has an impact on the majority of the car’s design behind it, making aerodynamic understanding crucial for next year’s designs. The 2019 changes are the first step to understanding the impact on racing, with wider modifications planned for 2021.

Nicholas Latifi tests for Force India. (Image by Mauger/LAT)

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