Race Car Build: Matt Reynolds’ E Production Miata

Race Car Build: Matt Reynolds’ E Production Miata

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Race Car Build: Matt Reynolds’ E Production Miata


This second-generation Miata has seen steady improvement under Reynolds

The E Production NB Miata that is currently being driven to regular race wins, as well as two SCCA National Championships, by Matt Reynolds has had quite a history. It apparently started life as a Showroom Stock B car before being built into an E Production car by Jim Daniels. Terry Jesk owned and raced the car for a while, but it’s under its current owner that the car has come much closer to reaching its full potential.

“We happened to be looking for an E Production car and we approached Jesse Prather to ask if he knew of a car for sale,” says Chris Campbell, owner of The Vintage Connection in Oklahoma City and who works as Reynolds’ crew chief. “He told us Terry Jesk was selling his car, so we talked to Terry at the Runoffs, I think in 2010, and ended up acquiring it.”

It turns out that Reynolds might be a more aggressive driver than its previous owner, and that exposed some weaknesses in the car. Fixing those shortcomings allowed for some improvements in several areas.

“That evolved into a more reliable suspension; better, more reliable differentials and even the transmission,” says Campbell. “At the same time, we started an engine program with Jesse Prather. He’s powered it ever since and it’s been a very reliable drivetrain platform.”

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