Williams calls for patience over internal changes

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Williams calls for patience over internal changes

Formula 1

Williams calls for patience over internal changes


Williams deputy team principal Claire Williams (pictured above) says an internal review is ongoing but she will not be rushed into making changes due to the team’s poor performance so far this year.

After finishing fifth in the constructors’ championship for the past two seasons — and third the two years prior to that — Williams is currently at the bottom of the standings with just four points to its name. The FW41 has proven to have a number of aerodynamic deficiencies and that has led to the departures of chief designer Ed Wood and head of aero Dirk de Beer, but Williams says any further changes will be thoroughly considered.

”Of course in order to effect change, you need to make changes and you need to make some hard decisions. We’re going through that process at the moment but it’s not a case of rushing into it,” Williams said. “Sometimes when you rush in you can make decisions you don’t want to make and end up regretting those decisions.

“We’re undertaking a full evaluation of our internal structures and processes at the moment. We haven’t completed that work yet, so we don’t have any news to announce. But it’s mostly about identifying the talent that we do have in-house.

“We have a lot of great people at Williams that are working really hard at the moment in this difficult situation that we’re in. So it’s focusing on that, focusing on the good that we have and then seeing whether we need to augment that talent, augment that resource we have and then move forward from there.”

While acknowledging the aerodynamic problem the team has faced, Williams also says the self-analysis this year has helped uncover other areas in which the team needs to make progress.

“There are a variety of reasons as to why we found ourselves in 10th. You don’t get to 10th without having a number of issues,” she conceded. “I think it’s probably clear to see that our aerodynamic package is probably the key to that, and unlocking the issues we have around the aero performance of our car is going to be critical to moving us forward.

“As we’ve gone through this recovery program, we’ve identified a number of other weaknesses within the car and the team itself. I think as you go through that analysis, invariably you always find other fires that you’ve got to put out. To be fair, it’s probably been a very useful exercise from that perspective — to go through that process and identify all your weaknesses, which we decided we were going to do when we realized the car wasn’t where we needed it to be after testing.”