SportsCar continues to reach deep into an audience of doers within the SCCA

SportsCar continues to reach deep into an audience of doers within the SCCA

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SportsCar continues to reach deep into an audience of doers within the SCCA


Every few years the Sports Car Club of America conducts an in-depth and wide-ranging survey of its members. As the official publication of the SCCA, SportsCar magazine’s audience demographic profile is derived from the results. While most categories held steady in the most recent survey conducted at the end of 2017, several areas key to advertiser objectives show gains over the prior survey from 2014. Indeed, 62 percent of of SCCA members own at least one competition car; nine percent own at least three.

Keeping up with a vibrant national economic picture, SCCA members with a household income over $125,000 increased by three points to 45 percent. That could explain the increase in spending for after-market race car parts and accessories.

Compared to 2014, SCCA members in 2017 bought more brake calipers and rotors (62 percent vs 57 percent); ignition systems (67 percent vs 21 percent); mufflers/headers (67 percent vs 36 percent); shocks, springs and other suspension components (71percent vs 52 percent); and wheels (70 percent vs 45 percent). Overall, 33 percent reported spending over $3000 per year on aftermarket parts and accessories for their race cars in 2017. With 62 percent of members owning at least one competition car, and 31% owning two or more, SCCA members are driving a large economy of parts purchasing.

In a particular bright spot for SportsCar magazine, 56 percent of respondents say that they have learned about a brand or product they were not previously familiar with through an ad in SportsCar. Moreover, 38 percent say that they have added a new brand to their consideration list due to an ad in SportsCar, and 65% report visiting an advertiser’s website. These questions were not asked in the 2014 survey.

With six issues still to fulfill in 2018, and in particular with SCCA members gearing up for the Solo Nationals and National Championship Runoffs, the time is right to connect your product or service with this enthusiastic band of consumers.

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