‘It’s always more fun when you’re racing’ - Alonso

Image by Ashleigh Hartwell/LAT

‘It’s always more fun when you’re racing’ - Alonso

Le Mans/WEC

‘It’s always more fun when you’re racing’ - Alonso


Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso was a happy man after finishing his first competition stint for Toyota Gazoo Racing at Le Mans.

“It was great!” Alonso told Velocity Channel. “Obviously we did a lot of testing and we’ve been doing a lot of practice but in the race, even if it’s exactly the same traffic, exactly the same circuit, it’s always more fun when you are racing. And so far it’s been a good start for us — we are leading with a good margin and hopefully we can keep this result for Toyota.”

The Spaniard’s characteristic flair behind the wheel had been evident on a number of occasions during his stint — particularly when he ran inches from the guardrail down the Mulsanne Straight trying to get past a pack of GTs, before getting by teammate Jose Maria Lopez to take the lead, following a restart from a safety car period.

Alonso downplayed comparisons to his regular job with McLaren, however.

“It’s difficult to compare — every situation is different,” he noted. “This is a long race, so it’s not very important what you do every lap, every corner, it’s just about keeping he car safe and bringing it to the checkered flag. It’s a long race ahead of us, so now it’s take a shower, sleep a little bit and get ready for the night.”