Groundhog takes out Grosjean’s new front wing

Image by Mauger/LAT

Groundhog takes out Grosjean’s new front wing

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Groundhog takes out Grosjean’s new front wing


Romain Grosjean admits he is now low on spare front wings after a collision with a groundhog during practice for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Haas brought an upgrade package to Montreal after suffering from fatigue on certain parts so far this season, and was testing the updates during Friday practice when Grosjean struck a groundhog late in FP2. The collision significantly damaged the nose of Grosjean’s car and the Frenchman says it could prove even more costly if he suffers further trouble this weekend.

“It was a big impact, it was quite a big animal,” Grosjean said. “It’s a bit disappointing because they show it on TV at the beginning of the session before Turn 13 and it’s exactly where I hit it so I am surprised they didn’t remove it.

“It’s of course a shame for the animal and it’s a shame for our front wing as well. We’re quite limited in spare parts and losing a front wing like this is a bit disappointing.”

Asked if the front wing is definitely unusable, Grosjean replied: “I think it is [but] I think we have one spare one.

“It was quite a big impact, yeah, quite big. A little bit [of other damage] but things we can repair.”

And Grosjean said he had no time to react to the groundhog trying to cross the track despite noticing it earlier in the session.

“There was the Ferrari, so the Ferrari went and I was maybe a second and a half, two seconds behind the Ferrari then it just crossed in front of me and that was it.

“It’s quite a big animal. It felt like a big impact and I mean if it’s happening in the race, your race is kinda over because the damage on the car is big.

“It was a bit strange that it was filmed so it was aware it was here and it wasn’t removed … I mean I saw it but you don’t know if it’s still there, you’re not going to be looking for [it] … but it happens in Canada, it’s a bit of a shame, but anyway.”

Despite the incident, Grosjean finished seventh in the second practice session and says the performance signs are good for the team at this stage of the weekend.

“I think the pace was good. Seventh is where we want to be, best of the rest so we have achieved that. The car felt good. The upgrade is very nice. Got some good front end there which I am happy with, more downforce in general so it’s just about getting the tires to work.

“It’s not as easy as you always want but I think we are doing OK and a few things we can improve for tomorrow but generally I was quite pleased with the car.”

–Chris Medland