Hamilton couldn't wait for 'intensely boring' Monaco to end

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Hamilton couldn't wait for 'intensely boring' Monaco to end

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Hamilton couldn't wait for 'intensely boring' Monaco to end


Lewis Hamilton sees third place in the Monaco Grand Prix as a case of damage limitation but admits he found the race “intensely boring.”

Pole-sitter Daniel Ricciardo took victory ahead of Sebastian Vettel but his pace was extremely slow due to an MGU-K issue. With concerns over tire life and overtaking extremely difficult, it led to a processional race that Hamilton admits was not enjoyable behind the wheel.

“I always want to lead the Monaco Grand Prix but Daniel did a great job today, Red Bull deserved it this weekend,” Hamilton told BBC 5 Live. “Their car really worked well here. I think we did the best job we can. We were the third-fastest team here and we finished third.

“Super unexciting race I think for everyone … Wow. It was intensely boring!”

Asked if it was boring inside the cockpit, Hamilton replied: “Oh my God, yes!

“Which is surprising because we are driving at high speed but there is not a lot of action. You’re just trying to bring it home. I personally didn’t have the pace of the guys at the front — when they really wanted to push they could pull away — but I was just trying to bring it home for 56 laps or whatever it was. Oh my God it was long!

“ ‘Only 40 laps to go’ I was like ‘Oh my God, please…’ and then when it finished I was like, ‘Thank goodness.’ [My race engineer] said I had 13 laps and I swear I had driven another ten and then you’ve got ten laps left to go and I was like ‘Oh my God, this is going to be the longest last ten laps of my life!’”

However, Hamilton insists he is satisfied with the final race outcome having seen Vettel take little out of his championship lead.

“Ultimately it was good to only lose three points to Sebastian. In hindsight I would have loved to have had second. I think with a perfect, perfect, perfect lap, a magical lap in qualifying, we probably could have had second but it wasn’t meant to be.

“I’m happy with the result. The team’s performance in terms of how we worked together has been much, much, much better than it was last year, so I’m happy. It’s just crazy that this is the nicest event, it’s like the most spectacular event of the whole year, and practice and all that is great fun, but the race may be the most boring. I don’t know how we make it more fun.

“It’s got such potential to be… I know there are sometimes races that are more fun when it’s raining or there are more incidents so maybe it’s just a one-off, but it was a tough one.”

–Chris Medland