Bowman feels disrespected after All-Star Race

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Bowman feels disrespected after All-Star Race

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Bowman feels disrespected after All-Star Race


Alex Bowman’s first All-Star Race was a night to forget regarding the result the No. 88 team had. But the Hendrick Motorsports driver is going to remember how his fellow competitors treated him.

Bowman admitted he was displeased after wrecking out of the event on Lap 57 – displeased with how his night ended and the situations he’s been in lately. Charging into Turn 2 on the outside of Brad Keselowski, the car got away from Bowman and slammed the wall. The accident came after he had already knocked the nose off the car during an earlier battle.

“We got slid, and I wasn’t happy about it, and instead of checking up, I didn’t lift,” said Bowman. “I probably should have lifted because it hurt me more than the guy that ran us like that. I’m just frustrated.

“I feel like these guys have taken advantage of me quite a bit this year and I’m over lifting for guys. I’m not going to go out of my way to slow myself down to help somebody else out. They would race me the same way. I’m just kind of over it.

“As far as the crash, I just got loose, and it stepped out,” he said. “I save it, it stepped out again, and I couldn’t save it. Really frustrating. I hate it for my guys; it’s my fault that we were in the situation further back than we should have been. I should have just been more patient and not knocked the nose off of it early.”

Not eligible for the All-Star Race coming into the weekend, Bowman raced his way into the main show.

Qualifying third in the Monster Energy Open, Bowman showed speed and competitiveness early in the first stage. Charging to the lead on Lap 14, he took the top spot from Aric Almirola. Managing the air from the front, Bowman fended off challengers and advanced into the All-Star Race.