Racecar build: E Production NC MX-5

Racecar build: E Production NC MX-5

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Racecar build: E Production NC MX-5


Glen McCready had been racing a Miata for a few years in NASA Performance Touring. When SCCA announced that the 2018 Runoffs were going to be in his backyard at Sonoma Raceway, he decided to make the jump into SCCA in E Production. But he didn’t take the route most do, nor the one you might expect of someone who had been racing a first-generation car.

“I’d previously been running with NASA in Performance Touring E, and improved that car into PTD – that was an NA with an NB motor in it,” McCready explains. “We figured we’d just move up the stack a little bit. The NC looked like a prime choice. When we looked at wheelbase and track, it looked like it was going to be much more stable than the older Miatas. With the option of 17-inch wheels, it seemed like the prime candidate to try to build an EP car and do some development.”

McCready introduced the car last year, but without a fully developed engine. Showing up at Willow Springs International Raceway for his first U.S. Majors Tour race of the season in March with a properly built engine, he ran away from the competition. Built by TC Design, the home of brothers Tony and Joe Colicchio, the car has been a steady work in progress.

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