Edwards: No rethink on retirement

Edwards: No rethink on retirement


Edwards: No rethink on retirement


Carl Edwards reiterated once again that he will not be back behind the wheel of a race car anytime soon.

“No, I don’t have any plans to come back,” Edwards said Wednesday night on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. “I do miss a lot of people. I just actually got off the phone with [spotter] Jason Hedlesky right before I called you, I talk to him a lot and [PR rep] Randy Fuller and Dave Rogers. A lot of other folks that I really do miss.

“I stayed in touched with a lot of folks and that’s been fun; but for me, it really and truly has been great. I’m appreciative of Joe Gibbs and everyone for allowing me to go do all these other things that I’ve been wanting to do, and I’ve been enjoying it. It’s been good.”

The former Joe Gibbs Racing driver who walked away from the sport in January 2016 and said he’s been enjoying the things he said he was looking forward to doing.

The 38-year-old spent 12 full seasons in the NASCAR Cup Series and was at the top of his game when handing the No. 19 car over to Daniel Suarez. Edwards finished fourth in the 2016 championship after crashing out of contention late in the finale at Homestead, having controlled the title battle for a majority of the event. Two months later, he shocked the racing world with his exit.

Edwards has heard the many rumors involving a potential return, such as being open to do so if Dodge were to return to the sport. Edwards laughed them and said while it’s interesting to hear all the different theories, life has been as simple as he said it would be.

“I have heard some crazy rumors, different manufacturers” said Edwards. “I have a friend who was at a fund-raising event that we donated some stuff to and he was standing next to the table with the 19 gear on it and it’s the thing where you can put in your bid, and the lady said, ‘Oh, that’s Carl Edwards. I heard he was dead.’ So yeah, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, to quote Mark Twain. 

“But I’m basically doing what I told everyone I was doing [when making his announcement]. Spend a lot of time with friends and family, traveling a lot and farming a lot and really enjoying it.”

While there are races Edwards said he misses being a part of, he said for “the most part, it’s a real net positive.”

In 445 career starts, Edwards won 28 races and finished in the top five in points six times. He captured the Xfinity Series championship in 2007. Edwards also has 38 wins in the series, as well as six in the Camping World Truck Series.

When asked if he ever finds himself with a need to go wide open again, Edwards revealed he does finds himself in situations where he recalls racing.

“Every time I go through a roundabout or around a corner with a little curb or something and I just touch that curb and I think, man, that’s just like that turn at Sonoma,” said Edwards. “I do. I think about it a lot. But that’s the fun part of racing, driving the car and doing all that.

“I was very, very lucky to be able to do those things and I’m very aware of that, of how fortunate I was. And now I feel just as lucky to go do the things I want to do in life and do all these other things. So, I just really believe in deciding what you want to go do and going and doing it and getting the most out of every day, and I’ve been very lucky to do that for a long time.”