Tamra Hunt's RX-8 DSP build: Tips and budget

Tamra Hunt's RX-8 DSP build: Tips and budget

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Tamra Hunt's RX-8 DSP build: Tips and budget


Solo Racer Tamra Hunt runs us through what it took to transform her 2005 RX-8 into a DSP machine.

If you are considering moving into this class this is great place to start for some tips and tricks on how to do it on budget!

My fiancé and I built the entire car (including car purchase) for about $15,000. In our first season competing in this car I won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, and I also won 2nd place at the Solo National Championships in Open DSP. Today, I’ll run through the basics for the class and what it took to get to where I am today with the car.

The Basics

SP allows you to use wide wheels, sticky race tires, coilovers, bolt-on power adders and tuning, race seats, aero, and more. If you want to go crazy, you can do many custom adjustments as well, including custom super light brakes, throttle bodies, custom control arms, custom bushings, titanium exhaust, cooling system mods, custom intake manifolds, etc. However, as with all things, you get more “bang for the buck” with some mods more than others.

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