Pirelli confirms hypersofts for Canada

Pirelli confirms hypersofts for Canada

Formula 1

Pirelli confirms hypersofts for Canada


Pirelli’s new hypersoft tire will be among the compounds made available to Formula 1 teams for this year’s Canadian Grand Prix.

The pink-walled tire is the softest of the seven dry compounds that Pirelli has produced for this year, and already has a fan in world champion Lewis Hamilton, who described it as the “best tire Pirelli has ever produced” after testing it in Abu Dhabi late last year.

Along with the hypersofts, Pirelli will have its ultrasofts and supersofts available in Montreal. Each driver must save one set of the hypersofts for the final part of qualifying, and keep a set each of the supersoft and ultrasoft for the race. Teams are then free to choose the remaining 10 sets for use during the rest of the race weekend.

According to reports, the hypersoft is expected to make its debut in Monaco, although compounds for that weekend are yet to be announced. The tyre supplier also confirmed that it will make the medium, soft and supersoft available for Spain.

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