Race car build: SSM Miata

Race car build: SSM Miata

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Race car build: SSM Miata


Eric Anderson’s Super Street Modified car didn’t follow the usual formula; now his Miata is an SCCA national championship-winning car

The FD RX-7 has been the Mazda king of the Super Street Modified class in SCCA Solo competition for years. So when Eric Anderson brought his Miata prepared for the class to its first national SCCA event, he was told it didn’t have a chance – but that only made him more determined. Now, with his co-driver Randall Wilcox winning the 2017 national championship in the class and Anderson finishing with a trophy in sixth, the promise of the car has been fulfilled.

This Miata has come a long way from its humble beginnings as Anderson’s daily road car 17 years ago to a national champion autocrosser. “The car had been my daily driver for years and I did the usual street modifications to it,” Anderson, a lifelong Mazda enthusiast who drives a CX-9 on the street, explains. “I put a supercharger on it, one of the Jackson Racing superchargers, a little Eaton M45. I’d never heard of autocross, showed up to an event and the first time I did it – you hear people talk about getting addicted to something the first time you do it, that was how it was for me.”

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