Translating sim racing to Spec Miata

Translating sim racing to Spec Miata

Mazda Motorsports

Translating sim racing to Spec Miata


iRacing champion John Allen reflects on his first year of real-world racing and participating in the Mazda Road to 24 Shootout

John Allen earned his invite to the Mazda Road to 24 Shootout by winning the MX-5
Cup championship in iRacing, but the Shootout wasn’t his first time in a race car – he’s been spending the last season honing his skills in a Spec Miata in NASA and SCCA
competition, fulfilling a longtime dream that he had connected with in other ways.

“I’ve always enjoyed driving a car to its limits,” Allen explains. “I have always felt like I had a gift for driving, but my only place to apply it growing up was trying to beat curfew on the way home. But I didn’t enjoy anything more in life than finding the limits of the car. I just felt very simpatico with a motor vehicle – it didn’t matter what one.

“I would want to know the ins and outs, top to bottom. I turned that into a career in the automotive industry; that was my way to stay within close proximity to it in case nothing else ever came of it. But the feeling never died, so I kind of gathered a second wind with the boost that iRacing gave me. I am getting a late start, but I am going to make up for lost time.”

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