Vettel: Overtaking needs to be an achievement

Vettel: Overtaking needs to be an achievement

Formula 1

Vettel: Overtaking needs to be an achievement


Sebastian Vettel has warned against making overtaking too easy in Formula 1 in response to complaints about boring races.

The 2017 season finished with a far from spectacular race in Abu Dhabi, with little in the way of overtaking as the new generation of car did not appear conducive to close racing at the Yas Marina Circuit. Statistics released by Pirelli saw a drop in the number of overtakes last year compared to the season before, but Vettel believes the current F1 cars are better for the drivers and wants to be challenged when trying to pass another car.

“It’s great to see that the cars are faster,” Vettel said. “They’re never fast enough, because we always complain. I think that’s been great and made the racing better, the races for us more enjoyable. Whether that ends up in a better show and better TV, it depends on the race.

“But I think on that, wish for [2018] is that everybody calms down. Some races are boring, so what? I don’t see the problem in that. I don’t think we need another record, another record every race, to have more overtaking and more overtaking.

“It’s true that overtaking sometimes, especially if you’re behind and you’re fast and you can’t get past for those reasons, it annoys you. But then again if you make the move there is a massive reward inside the car, sometimes out the car.

“What I want to say is that overtaking should be an achievement and not handed to you. So there’s a difficult balance but as I said, sometimes just relax and calm down and accept a boring race or a boring two races in a row and then there will be another great race after that and another one.

“So there are some things we can’t foresee even if it’s a time when we want to control everything – some things are good if they are not in our control.”

Ross Brawn has put together a team to investigate ways of improving overtaking in future, with teams providing their 2017 data to aid the research carried out by F1’s managing director of motorsports.

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