Juncos planning for 3-car Indy Lights team

Juncos planning for 3-car Indy Lights team

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Juncos planning for 3-car Indy Lights team


Juncos Racing has cast a net in search of a driver after confirming plans for a third full-time Indy Lights entry in 2018.

“After three successful years in the Indy Lights championship, I am ready to field three full-time cars,” said team owner Ricardo Juncos. “I am looking for drivers who we can develop over a period of time and prepare them for the next step into the Verizon IndyCar Series.

“Kyle [Kaiser] is a great example of the success we can have if we take the proper time to develop drivers for the next level in their careers. Kyle’s three years in the Indy Lights series gave him the time to grow and mature into the successful driver he is today. This is what we want to do with other drivers  take time and teach them so they fully understand the engineering and mechanical sides of the car. This way they are better-prepared to move up to IndyCar.”

The team, which recently became the first to win the Lights and Pro Mazda titles in the same year, is expected to have Pro Mazda champion Victor Franzoni and Nicolas Dapero in its two existing Lights cars next year, while Indy Lights champion Kaiser (pictured celebrating his title with the team) will remain with the team for a partial program in IndyCar.

“My success in the Mazda Road to Indy was directly correlated with Juncos’ work ethic, passion for motorsports and their desire to win,” said Kaiser. “Every time I got behind the wheel of the car, I had no doubt that every person on the team gave their best effort. My only focus was on performing at my best because they provided me with all the tools to get the most out of myself.

“Most importantly, driving for Juncos is like being a part of a family. It’s a fun, high-energy environment filled with people who want to win just as much as anyone in the paddock. It’s no mistake they won both championships they competed in this year.”

The 2018 Indy Lights championship kicks off March 9-11 in St Petersburg.