Speedway Motel pool mosaic offered for sale

Speedway Motel pool mosaic offered for sale


Speedway Motel pool mosaic offered for sale


Another cool piece of rock-based Indy 500 memorabilia has come to light, and unlike the Indianapolis Motor Speedway track core samples that were recently revealed, this one-of-a-kind item is for sale.

Saved during demolition of the Speedway Motel that sat adjacent to Turn 2, the IMS ‘wing and wheel’ mosaic that adorned the bottom of the pool has been brought to market through vintageindyregistry.com.

“It was purchased by Chicago developer Don Devine from a demolition company,” site co-owner Mike Lashmett told RACER. “Don is a former Scarab driver and avid vintage racecar collector, especially McLarens.”

At 3000 pounds, 80 inches long, 53 inches wide and a price tag of $25,000, the large piece of history isn’t for the faint of heart.

“The pool can be seen in a key scene with Paul Newman in the 1969 movie Winning when he returns to the Speedway Motel and finds his wife in bed with his archrival Lou Erding,” Lashmett added. “The pool was the scene of a legendary epic multi-day party thrown by Jim Rathman’s car owners after he won the 500, so much so it was still talked about well into the 1970s.”

“I swam in that pool countless times in the early 1970s as a crewman working for George Bignotti, and Firestone’s Bob Cassidy’s son, Randy was the lifeguard. Great times with all the great drivers, mechanics and celebrities, not to mention many adult beverages consumed!”

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