Find your Driving School (2017)

Find your Driving School (2017)


Find your Driving School (2017)


A performance driving school can be a significant investment in both time and money. Whether you’re getting started in road racing and looking to earn your competition license, a seasoned racer wanting to shave a few tenths from your lap time, or you just want to enjoy a high-speed driving experience, making the right choices before signing up can accomplish your goals, and keep costs to a minimum.

Bondurant School of High Performance Diving // (800) 842-7223

Bondurant Road Course, Chandler, Arizona

The best, is an absolute phrase. You can’t be more or less best, just like you can’t be more or less original; you either are or you aren’t. For over 49 years, Bob Bondurant has dominated the automotive industry with his continued expertise in advanced road racing techniques. Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving has accelerated both professional drivers and motorsports enthusiast around the world to exceed their highest level of competition. Bondurant has brought forth more world-renowed victories than any other racing school ever.

EXR Racing Series School // (702) 802-5641

Las Vegas, Nevada // Los Angeles, California

EXR Racing Series is open to drivers of all levels. New racers can attend the three-day SCCA Pro License course to acquire the skills and experience necessary to get on the grid. Taught by a team of current, professional racing drivers, we emphasize one-on-one coaching using the EXR LV02 racecar. Plus, we have the latest in driver data acquisition that accelerates your learning curve with additional analysis. More experienced drivers can also benefit from additional coaching and track time at either of our two facilities that are open year round.

Go 4 It Racing Schools // (303) 666-4113

Louisville, Colorado

We are open seven days a week, year round. We are an SCCA Full Competition License issuing school. We offer driver coaching, corporate events, transportation, vehicle development, and arrive and drive. We have multiple tracks and championship winning racecars – or use your own racecar. Since 1985, our mission has been to be the best in quality private instruction for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and RVs. We specialize in basic through competition, one-on-one instruction, and we teach you “the sequence” and strategy that the top drivers in the in the world use, at your own speed.

Porsche Sport Driving School // (707) 290-7000

Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama

Students will be exposed to the most highly-refined racing methods and techniques available. We offer introductory courses up through the most advanced driving curriculums. Learn skills from past and current champions. All of our instructors are top professional drivers. The exciting and challenging 2.38-mile Barber Motorsports Park road course offers 16 turns and more than 80ft of elevation changes. As the only Official Porsche Driving School in North America, PSDS offers the opportunity to experience all currently available models.

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club // (800) 391-6891

Las Vegas, Nevada

Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club is the exclusive home to the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School, Cadillac V-Performance Academy, and Spring Mountain Racing. Spring Mountain is also the official North American distributor of Wolf Racing Cars. The resort offers a variety of services, including performance driving instruction, track rentals, team building activities, performance vehicle sales, and more.

Waterford Hills Road Racing School //

Clarkston, Michigan

Looking for an affordable and accredited SCCA racing Drivers School? The Waterford Hills Road Racing (WHRRI) competition driving school is designed for drivers wishing to compete in wheel-to-wheel racing. For over 50 years, WHRRI has been the launchpad for SCCA National Champions. Offering a strong focus on safety, communications, car control, passing, starts, and more, it is the only SCCA accredited school in the Great Lakes Division. Upon successful completion of the school, you will have earned your SCCA Novice Permit and may race in hundreds of races across the nation. The school’s track is also one of America’s most historic.

Pro Drive Racing School // (503) 285-4449

Portland International Raceway, Oregon

Are you an aspiring racer? Have you always had the need for speed? Then the Pro Drive Racing School is the destination for you! 2016 SCCA National Champion Todd Harris will personally teach you the fast way around Portland International Raceway in our Spec Racer Fords. Our school is accredited by the SCCA, so you can earn your competition racing license and then go racing with the Pro Drive Racing Team at race tracks all over the United States. Live in your world, come race in ours!

Bridgestone Racing Academy // (905) 983-1114

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Track, Ontario, Canada

Offers huge exchange rate savings! We’re also very proud of our 32-year injury free safety record! Our 2017 Mechanic/Racing Courses are much more affordable (course fee $590) with much more on-track driving time! We enthusiastically invite comparisons of our (SCCA accredited) race license course (particularly the speed of progression and the wheel-to-wheel racing activities on day 3)! Drivers will enjoy our MODERN Van Diemen formula race cars (170HP, sequential shift, Pi in wheel dash)! New track paved 3 years ago, almost twice longer, multiple configurations, wide runoffs and very few guardrails!

Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School // (866) 480-7223

Multiple Locations

Zero to Excitement in seconds! Experience the excitement and thrill of side-by-side racing in the Dragster Adventure program. Prices start at just $399 and no racing experience is necessary. Great for individuals, groups or company outings. If you’re seeking higher speeds, advanced training and a racing license, try one of our School’s Competition Licensing Courses. Competition license programs include Frank’s renowned classroom sessions on how to “Improve Personal Performance.” Learn how to mentally prepare, perform at the highest level, improve focus and block out distraction on the track and in your life. Something for everyone – gifts, groups or your bucket list. Classes held across the country!

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is proud to present our latest program: the Fiat Trackside Experience and Road Rally. Two separate days of driving excitement featuring the Fiat Abarth 500 and the brand new Abarth 124 Spider. Whether you want to participate in autocross and track exercises or spend the day touring scenic Arizona, this program has something for everyone.