F1 USGP gold 'pancake' coin can be yours for $85,132

F1 USGP gold 'pancake' coin can be yours for $85,132

Formula 1

F1 USGP gold 'pancake' coin can be yours for $85,132


Formula 1 fans can celebrate the fifth running of the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas with a new gold commemorative coin announced today by Rosland Capital.

The COTA-specific production run of 5000 standard 0.25 oz gold coins sell for $685 each, and some “will be displayed to Formula 1 VIPs in the Formula One Paddock Club throughout the race weekend” at the Austin, Texas, facility, according to the company.

American F1 enthusiasts will surely appreciate the front of the coin, which presents a grand prix car, the F1 logo, and words “United States Grand Prix.” But those predictable design elements pale in comparison to the patriotic design choices on the back of the coin where Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is featured…for the F1 race in the Lone Star state.

Although the price of the coins were deftly omitted from Rosland’s press release and its website, a quick call to a sales agent confirmed the $685 price per coin and a $1500 minimum purchase. Buying two coins would only come to $1370, which forces a minimum order of three $2055 to satisfy the firm’s restrictions.

“I believe Circuit of The Americas is a perfect setting to unveil our new collection, as we share many of the same qualities and values with the home of F1 in America  new, exciting, glamorous and unforgettable,” said Rosland CEO Marin Aleksov (pictured, left, with COTA’s Bobby Epstein).

“We are confident our magnificent coins will prove to be a unique keepsake for any and all coin collectors and Formula 1 fans attending this weekend’s United States Grand Prix.”

And for those whose USGP fans who want to stand out from the crowd, Rosland has one and only one of seven “pancake” COTA coins left to sell. According to the sales rep, the last “show-stopping 1 kilogram F1 Gold Coin” can be had for $85,132.

Buy the pancake coin, affix a hip-hop-style gold rope chain, and win the F1 fashion war in a landslide.