UPDATED: Boston GP refund plan being reviewed

UPDATED: Boston GP refund plan being reviewed


UPDATED: Boston GP refund plan being reviewed


UPDATE: Boston’s WCVB-TV reports that the Massachusetts state attorney general is reviewing information submitted late Monday by the two groups behind the failed Grand Prix of Boston race to reimburse ticket holders.

“I sure hope it’s a good plan and I hope it’s a plan that makes these customers whole as soon as possible,” Attorney General Healey told WCVB reporter Karen Anderson.

“(W)e will be prepared to take whatever action is necessary to make sure ticket holders are made whole,” a spokesperson for the attorney general said in a statement.

INDYCAR is pushing for full refunds for fans who purchased tickets for the canceled Boston Grand Prix as Massachusetts’ attorney general threatens legal action against organizers of the race. 

Organizers have until the end of the day to present a plan to refund all proceeds from the sale of tickets for the IndyCar race, which had been scheduled for Labor Day weekend, or face legal action, the Massachusetts state attorney general has warned.

“We have given the companies until the end of the day to come forward with a plan,” Attorney General Maura Healey told WGBH’s Boston Public Radio on Monday. “Otherwise they’ll be held accountable and there will be consequences.” Healey labeled it “outrageous” that fans who bought tickets for the race have not had their purchases refunded.

INDYCAR released a statement, obtained by the Boston Globe, saying it was working with the involved parties.

“As we’ve stated before, it is the Boston Grand Prix that is responsible for distributing the funds received from all ticket sales,” Stephen Starks, IndyCar vice president of promoter relations, said in the statement. “To this end, we are continuing our conversations with the relevant parties in Boston, including the attorney general’s office, to reach a resolution to this concern.” 

According to Boston’s WCVB TV, the Boston Grand Prix organizers have returned more than $400,000 to ticket holders, but as much as $2 million worth of tickets were sold.

“The amount of money that the company had at the time the race was canceled was not sufficient to refund all tickets,” attorney Michael Goldberg told WCVB.

The Boston Grand Prix was canceled April 29 when the organizers claimed that the city’s demands regarding flood zone issues and requirements of additional expenditure had made holding the race untenable.


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