NASCAR: Busch eyes Gulf 12-hour race after test

NASCAR: Busch eyes Gulf 12-hour race after test

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NASCAR: Busch eyes Gulf 12-hour race after test


Fresh off a successful Formula 3000 test at Abu Dhabi, Kurt Busch may actually race at the Middle East circuit in December.

In an exclusive interview with Friday morning at Sonoma Raceway, Busch said he may enter a sports car endurance race at Abu Dhabi after the current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season wraps up.

“I wanted to get track time, in case I went back and was limited on my time to show up for practice,” said Busch. “There’s a 12-hour race there that’s been behind the scenes creating interest.”

After that, Busch went to the Middle East where he tested a Formula 3000 car, a slightly less-potent relative of the Formula 1 series.

“It was the easiest way to gain track time for the Abu Dhabi circuit in case I do the 12-hour race over there,” Busch said.

It was a great experience from start to finish, Busch told

“It all started with, ‘What can we do on the off-weekend?’ And I always check Formula One, Moto GP – any kind of motorsport, really,” said Busch. “And it worked out that Baku was on the schedule. I’m like, ‘Where the hell is that?'”

His resume certainly reflects Busch’s diverse interests. He’s a past Sprint Cup champion, winner of rookie of the year honors at the Indianapolis 500, and a driver who’s tested or raced rally cars, V8 Supercars and even an NHRA Pro Stock car.

“With Gene and the Formula One deal, that’s where it all made sense,” said Busch. “It was unbelievable to have the access through Gene Haas, let alone sit in a Formula One car.

“Just to have the access in the garage, with the panels off the cars and to look at the assembly of the cars, the technology,” said Busch. “It was an incredible experience. I enjoyed it.”

Busch said he’d love to enter a Formula One race, but teams are limited to two cars, so the logistics might make it impossible.

“There is the joke – or it is in my contract if I win a NASCAR Sprint Cup championship that Gene has to give me an F1 ride,” said Busch. “So let’s go win the championship on the NASCAR side and figure out what’s next.”


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