NASCAR: Busch unhappy with balance at Sonoma

NASCAR: Busch unhappy with balance at Sonoma

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NASCAR: Busch unhappy with balance at Sonoma


Kyle Busch was already unhappy with the balance of his car during final practice for the Sprint Cup race at Sonoma Raceway and that was before the defending champion ran over a jackrabbit during his first simulated qualifying run.

Busch tried to avoid contact with the animal but the left front of his No. 18 connected with the rabbit and left a bloody mark just above the machine’s splitter.

“It tore up some of brake ducts and stuff like that, and the hoses are not where they were supposed to be,” Busch said. “The damn thing came out of nowhere. I saw it for a second and I moved to the right and I said ‘keep going,’ then it stopped.

“We looked eye-to-eye and then it was over. That was no fun. I’m a huge Bugs Bunny fan and that’s not what we intended to do today.”

Busch won at Sonoma last season but needed a late caution and fresh tires to outduel his brother, Kurt, and Jimmie Johnson. His team is once again searching for long-run speed and believes that will be the key to repeating on Sunday afternoon.

“We’ve got to work on our longevity,” Busch said. “We didn’t have logevity last year either. We had good short run speed and we were able to get a caution and come in for tires and that let us bust our way to the lead. So it would be nice to get some longevity out of the car so we can have some options to stay out on tires if that’s what we want to do.

“So that’s what we’re working on – trying to get the balance feel a little better as the tires burn off. They’re going away in a hurry today.”

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