At Dyson Porsche 962-101, the Rennsport Archetype

At Dyson Porsche 962-101, the Rennsport Archetype

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At Dyson Porsche 962-101, the Rennsport Archetype


Image: Andrew Link/

Dyson Racing recently undertook a full restoration of Porsche 962 #101 – the first 962 offered outside the factory – and has prepared an in-depth article detailing the car’s history and the restoration through to its appearance at Porsche Rennsport Reunion V.

“The Porsche 962 was in the world of prototype racing,” author Michael Crenshaw writes. “For almost a decade the Kevlar bodied, aluminum monocoque – Porsche’s first, made of folded aluminum sheets, riveted and glue-bonded together – prototype was racing worldwide from Group C to the American IMSA GTP series.

“You knew right away that the car was really put together; well designed, terrific cockpit, and great visibility,” team owner Rob Dyson says. “When we started running the Porsche, there was a sensation that this was a real racecar. And when you put your foot to the floor it really went. And it really steered. And it really braked.”

Dyson has owned the car since purchasing it off of Bruce Leven, of Bayside Disposal Seattle, in 1985. “We knew it was 101 and the guys kept saying, ‘We should stop racing this car, because it’s going to be a classic someday,’ meaning the first one,” Dyson says.

Click here to read the whole article and enjoy additional images and video of the fully restored Porsche 962 #101 in action.

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