Ford EcoBoost Mazda Raceway Post-Race Report

Ford EcoBoost Mazda Raceway Post-Race Report

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Ford EcoBoost Mazda Raceway Post-Race Report




23/7       01 Ford EcoBoost Riley (Scott Pruett, *Joey Hand) – 2:41:17.765

*Last driver in car.



P2           01 Ford EcoBoost Riley (*Pruett/Hand) – 1:18.940

* Driver qualified.

No. 01 Ford EcoBoost Riley (Scott Pruett/Joey Hand)

Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates

NOTES: A first-lap bump with the No. 10 prototype damaged a dive plane on the No. 01 Ford EcoBoost prototype with Scott Pruett behind the wheel. Despite a lengthy pit to change the nose of the car (under a full-course yellow), driver Joey Hand, now in the car, was steadily moving up through the field when the Ford EcoBoost prototype suffered an issue with the transmission. The Ford EcoBoost team made repairs and Hand returned to the race, running competitive times until the checkered flag.

SCOTT PRUETT: “We had a solid start, but I knew (the first lap bump with the No. 10) was coming. I think the No. 10 was watching me and not paying attention to the inside and the No. 90 slipped up and got inside of him and shoved the No. 10 into me. I was trying to stay out of the way, but it just clipped one of the front dive planes. We were still running solid and on yellow decided to come in and change the nose and change the driver and continue on, then we had the issue with the gearbox. It’s frustrating. It feels like we’re taking two steps forward and one step back. We had a lot of momentum coming off of Long Beach and had a real strong run in qualifying here and then unfortunately didn’t quite have the luck we wanted in the race.”

JOEY HAND: “It was just bad luck. We wanted to have a good showing here for a lot of reasons. Just to keep the momentum going. We were seventh, fourth and second the last three races and we want to keep that championship points run going. Not only that, but it’s Scott and I’s home race. It’s great to do well in front of all of your family and friends. There was a lot going for us here. We had all the makings for a good race. There was no warning at all (on the transmission issue). I just shifted to fifth gear and there was a big bang and the engine went to max revs, like it was in neutral. I just pushed the clutch in and coasted down the hill. I could tell there was a big problem. The team replaced the whole internal portion of the gear box. They are ready to make big changes quickly and they did. If this had been Daytona, we’d still be in the mix. But because it’s such a short race, there’s no way to come back. You have to think about earning points, even when you’re down laps. You have to get the car back out and make as many laps as you can as quickly as possible and that’s what we did.

“The (Ford EcoBoost prototype) was pretty racy in the end. I was just chillin.’ For most of my hour and 40 minutes, I saved fuel. I was able to hang and run with the guys in front of me. Seemed like it was pretty OK, but that’s a long hour and 40 minutes, I got to tell you. When you’ve broken and are down laps, you want to race but I would not want someone to screw up my race, so I did my best to let the leaders in each class race and then just try to learn what I could about the car. I haven’t driven a ton of laps in this car at all of these race tracks yet. I’ve spent most of my time in this car at Daytona. I just thought I could learn something. I tried to make it a little test session for myself.”

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