Domenicali flags junior class age limits

Domenicali flags junior class age limits

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Domenicali flags junior class age limits


FIA Single Seater Commission President Stefano Domenicali has revealed that he is open to introducing limits on age and experience for the governing body’s junior categories.

Ex-Ferrari F1 chief Domenicali, who took over the presidency from Gerhard Berger last December, is concerned that drivers staying on too long at the same level could hamper the development of younger competitors.

“We don’t want the intermediate championships – Formula 3, even Formula 4 and in the future Formula 2 – to have drivers who stay there for many, many years,” Domenicali said in an interview in this week’s AUTOSPORT magazine. “That means that there is something that is not right.

“If the system is right, it will pull the growth of the drivers and, for the others who are not really at the level to move forwards, there will be championships outside this ladder that can give them the chance to drive.”

Domenicali, who is working on a concept for the forthcoming FIA F2, added: “The other thing we are thinking is you shouldn’t have in F3 or F4 drivers who are 25 years old. We are thinking of a way of working out how many years of the championship you can do, and the age, because we need to make sure there’s a clear move ahead.”

In the F3 European Championship this season, 23-year-old title contender Felix Rosenqvist is in his fifth season in the top tier of the category. Meanwhile, in Italian F4 last season, multiple race winner Brandon Maisano ran outside the main championship in a separate class, as the 21-year-old was over the series’ self-imposed age limit.


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