SCCA National Championship Runoffs notebook 2

SCCA National Championship Runoffs notebook 2

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SCCA National Championship Runoffs notebook 2


Pit notes from Wednesday’s Day 2 at the 51st SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca…

Honda Shows Off New Formula Atlantic Package

Honda Performance Development has two Formula Atlantic cars on display at the Runoffs. The two cars both feature the K20 engine package developed for the Atlantic class. The Swift 014, commonly found in SCCA Club Racing, and the Swift 016 (pictured, ABOVE), generally used in the Atlantic pro series, each have a slightly different version of the engine package on display.

The engine in the Swift 014 is a 240-horsepower model, and the engine in the 016 makes 270 horsepower. Both are naturally aspirated.

Developed from the 2.0-liter engine used in several Honda passenger car models, the K20 engine is available in 240 and 270 horsepower specifications through the Honda Racing Line for around $23,000. Each engine package includes an ECU and harness. HPD also offers installation kits for both the Swift 014 and the Swift 016.

In addition to Formula Atlantic, the K20 engine may be used in several other racing categories, including GT, ST and Sports Racing classes. Other potential competition uses for the engine include Autocross, Drifting, Rallycross and Rally.

Honda expects the engine/chassis combo to appear on track soon after the Runoffs.

Cooperation leads to better qualifying

GT3 cars waited patiently for their turn to qualify today.With 27 classes represented at the SCCA Runoffs, scheduling is a challenge. Each class is allocated one 20 minute qualifying session per day over the three days of qualifying, yet only 14 sessions may be scheduled per day. The result is that most classes are combined with similar cars in a single session.

Naturally, this does not please the drivers. Drivers in fast classes worry about being balked by slow cars, and slow class drivers can’t get in a good lap while they have to worry about overtaking traffic.

The drivers in SCCA’s GT1, GT2, and GT3 classes took the matter into their own hands this week and came up with a novel solution. They split their qualifying sessions into two 10-minute periods per day, and on each day one of the three classes has the first 10 minutes alone on track before the other two classes join them. GT1 took the first turn on Tuesday, GT2 enjoyed their free track today, and GT3 will own the first half of the session on the final day of qualifying. Each class will have its own race on the weekend.

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John Heinricy in the Chevrolet Sonic leads B-Spec in qualifying

B-Spec comes of age

SCCA’s newest national championship class is also one of the most diverse classes on track this week at the Runoffs. 10 drivers turned in qualifying times on Tuesday, and among those 10 competitors, eight separate automakers are represented. Cars competing in B-Spec this year include the Chevrolet Sonic, Nissan Versa, Kia Rio, Honda Fit, MINI Cooper, Ford Fiesta, Mazda Mazda2, and the Toyota Yaris.

“Hopefully the manufacturers keep paying some attention to it. As long as the manufacturers and World Challenge keep it going, it’s going to thrive at the national level,” says Tuesday’s top qualifier John Heinricy.

Heinricy turned a 1:50.773 in his Chevy Sonic. David Daughtery was second fastest at 1:53.325 in a Nissan Versa, and Kyle Keenan in his Kia Rio is sitting in third position at 1:53.714.