Ingall staying in V8s for 2014

Ingall staying in V8s for 2014


Ingall staying in V8s for 2014


Russell Ingall will stay in V8 Supercars with Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport for 2014, despite initially indicating that last year would be his final full-time season.

The 2005 champion described his one-year Walkinshaw Racing deal last season as “the opportunity to go out the way I have always wanted – on my terms” when it was announced, but says his intentions were misrepresented and that he was always open to remaining on the grid.

“I wasn’t comfortable last year with how things were presented by some parties about my so-called retirement,” the 51-year-old said. “I always maintained that if there was a suitable full-time opportunity for this season that I would take it.

“I haven’t changed my mind and made a ‘comeback.’ I never left the sport or intended to leave the sport.

“There were some good offers to join some well-credentialed teams for the endurance races, but a full-time opportunity was always my main focus. At the end of the day, my love for the sport and racing cars is undiminished. I love the racing community, it’s given me a lot and I want to stay involved with it.

“I think the man on the street will understand my situation. Anyone that loves their job or the industry they work in doesn’t want to get pushed out of it before they’re ready.”

The Dumbrell team is scaling back to a single Holden for Ingall this year after running Scott Pye and Dean Fiore in 2013. Pye has already secured a new drive at Dick Johnson Racing.