Sound of 2014 F1 car at speed revealed

Sound of 2014 F1 car at speed revealed

Formula 1

Sound of 2014 F1 car at speed revealed


The sound of a 2014 Formula 1 car at speed has been revealed for the first time by Mercedes.


The team has released audio of a 2014 car in action following its successful shakedown of the W05 during a designated “filming day” at Silverstone on Friday.


The short audio clip is of Nico Rosberg’s car blasting past the old pits at Silverstone before he lifts off the throttle to turn in to Copse corner.


The sound gives an idea of the kind of noises that can be expected from both the 1.6-litre engine, the turbo and the new energy recovery systems.


Sources at the test have revealed that the sound of the new engine, and especially the whirring of the turbo, was impressive up close. That is encouraging for fans who were concerned that the new cars would not be thrilling to listen to.


The new 2014 cars are all set to get their first public run at Jerez next week when F1 testing begins at Jerez on Tuesday, January 28.

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