Rickshaw Bobcats - Day 9

Rickshaw Bobcats - Day 9


Rickshaw Bobcats - Day 9


An update from Jarrod Krisiloff and the Rickshaw Bobcats follows below as they took a much needed day to recharge the batteries and get ready for their big surge toward the finish line of their rickshaw run across India.

In association with the Love Hope Strength Foundation, the Rickshaw Bobcats are off to India to rally over 2000 miles across India. Why? To represent the 2014 Class of Ohio University’s Masters in Sports Admin program and to raise funds for the Love Hope Strength Foundation. The Love Hope Strength Foundation is focused on building cancer centers around the world, boosting awareness of global cancer needs and increasing the size of international bone marrow databases. 

Please help cheer on the Bobcats by making a donation to this worthy cause!

Donate here: http://fundly.com/rickshaw-run-ohio-u-bobcats