ORECA to build new P2 coupe for 2015

ORECA to build new P2 coupe for 2015


ORECA to build new P2 coupe for 2015


The Delta-ADR team won five of eight WEC rounds in 2013 with its ORECA 03. (Marshall Pruett photo)

As RACER chronicled in September with ORECA boss Hugues de Chaunac from the WEC round at Circuit of The Americas, the French constructor will introduce a new P2 prototype in 2015, the 05, which will replace its successful 03 chassis.

In the hands of the Delta-ADR team, the open-top 03 chassis claimed five wins from eight WEC rounds in 2013, and with the ACO moving toward closed-top prototypes, ORECA technical director David Floury told RACER the time is right to pen an up-to-date P2 challenger.

“The first thing we can use is the knowledge and experience we have from the 03, and from a design standard, it will be very different than the 03; there might be a few carryover components, but it will be only detail work,” said Floury, who also heads ORECA’s technical involvement with Toyota’s WEC P1 program.

“The big work will be a significant step that is different than the 03 a big philosophical difference that is state-of-the-art, and that is new for our customers to have the most competitive car possible.”

ORECA is also charged with the design and manufacturing of the new Rebellion R-One P1 chassis that will debut early next year. With the recent contretemps over racecar intellectual property between Nissan and DeltaWing (click here for story) Floury says the 05 will be different from its other projects, but that institutional knowledge will be employed where there are no conflicts.

“On this car, we attach a lot of importance on the project to be dealt with directly, and will not copy one technology to another,” he explained. “This being said, what you learn in life will always be in the background of your mind guiding you towards new solutions. All of the knowledge we’ve gained on the ORECA PC car, the 01, the 03, the various project we work on, we keep building on our previous experience which we cannot forget, but we will work independently on the 05 as a new project.”

Floury and his engineering team plan to have the 05 on track and ready to run to give potential TUDOR United SportsCar Championship customers a chance to be ready for testing and racing at Daytona in 2015.
“At the moment, we are looking to do on-track testing before the end of 2014 in order to be ready to race in America, which has the early start to the season, and also that will benefit teams in Europe,” he continued. “We have no plans to run the 05 as a team, but we plan to help our customer teams as much as possible to help them win the races and the championship. We are still working on creating a U.S. base for ORECA which would help with this, and this is still under development by Mr. de Chaunac.”