Lotus counting on ideas rather than resources

Lotus counting on ideas rather than resources

Formula 1

Lotus counting on ideas rather than resources


Lotus boss Eric Boullier is confident his team’s lack of resources relative to the biggest teams has not hampered its preparations for Formula 1’s major 2014 rule changes.

All F1 squads faced a balancing act between keeping their 2013 cars competitive while devoting time to the extremely different ’14 machines with their turbocharged engines. Lotus operates on a lower budget than its peers at the front of the field, but Boullier said the team had been able to work around this disadvantage.

“When you don’t have the resources, you need to have ideas,” he said. “We started to work on 2014 two years ago because we could not afford to put more resources in for it.”

The rule change offers an opportunity for F1’s competitive order to change dramatically. Boullier said there was little chance of Lotus suddenly thrusting itself to the front of the field, but expects his team to stand its ground among the leaders.

“Nobody knows where we will be next year but with our resources we are definitely not in a position to be dominating, but things are looking quite good,” he said. “It’s very realistic for next year that we can be a strong contender for podiums again.”

Boullier says he is not concerned about the loss of former Lotus technical chief James Allison to Ferrari.

“Because of the system we have, to hurt us, you would need to take 15 people at the same time because we spread the responsibility over a lot of heads,” he said.