"Pimping My Ride" for the Rickshaw Run

"Pimping My Ride" for the Rickshaw Run


"Pimping My Ride" for the Rickshaw Run


Jarrod Krisiloff, Senior Director of Marketing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is competing this January in The Rickshaw Run, a rickshaw race across India to benefit charities, and RACER.com is following along. Here is the first of Jarrod’s blogs explaining the process as he and his team gear up for the challenge.

The Rickshaw Bobcats are about 30 days away from the big sendoff for the January 2014  edition of the Rickshaw Run. Often we are asked about the rickshaw: Is it safe, have we driven one before and most importantly, what will it look like? This is where it gets fun. For most race fans, the most exciting part of the off-season is viewing pictures of livery unveiling ceremonies around the world. Well, in the Rickshaw Run, the paint job or livery is just as important, only in the Rickshaw Run, it’s a part of the “pimping” process.

Pimping Step 1 Through the Rickshaw Run participant dashboard each team is given a template to design our Rickshaw. With this template you can use Photoshop, Pixlr.com or a crayons. The only hiccup if you use crayons is that you’ll need to find a way to scan it back into your computer. During this process we created 6 different designs then we narrowed it down to two finalists.

Concept 1 – The Jimmy Clark Rickshaw (LEFT) was inspired by the common colors of the Ohio University and the Lotus which Jimmy was famous for driving.

Concept 2 – The Rufus the Bobcat design (BELOW RIGHT). In this design, a cartooned Rufus adorns the front of the Rickshaw with a modern racing stripe and number ’14 for the year that our class will graduate the Professional’s Masters in Sports Administration program.

While I was excited about the Jimmy Clark edition, we went with the Rufus concept to ensure that we had a wild animal and a highly visible color of green wrapping us throughout our journey.

Pimping Step 2
Once you have designed your Rickshaw you can now upload the design template through a 3D modeler provided by the Rickshaw Run organizers.


Pimping Step 2
Once you have designed your Rickshaw you can now upload the design template through a 3D modeler provided by the Rickshaw Run organizers.
Pimping Step 3 or “Long Distance Pimping”
This is the most fun and yet most daunting phase of the project. Thankfully for us, the organizers have teamed us up with a local artist to finalize the base design of our Rickshaw. We will likely never meet this person and will likely never have the opportunity to refine the design until we actually arrive in Jaisalmer on Dec. 29. So at this point, the design is in the hands of a local.
Pimping Step 4
The final step of the Pimping process is where we get to get our hands dirty with the final design and mechanical touches. During this phase we’ll add on any last-minute decals from sponsors or other messages and text that we didn’t feel comfortable placing on the template in advance.

In addition to the decals, we’ll add a few mechanical elements to improve the ride or performance of the rickshaw. A few of these additions will likely be a giant horn, so that we scare away swerving dump trucks, a sound system so that we can listen to some sweet tunes, LED neon green kit further pimp our livery, and of course to be seen better. Can you tell that visibility is extremely important to us while driving in India?
So there you have it, designing our racing colors through the Pimping process for the Rickshaw Run!

Don’t forget to visit us at Http://www.OUMatchtheMiles.com to learn more about the fundraising effort, the Rickshaw Bobcats and Love Hope Strength.

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