Gorsline Company announces new deal with Ellis Clowes

Gorsline Company announces new deal with Ellis Clowes


Gorsline Company announces new deal with Ellis Clowes


John Gorsline, principal of Gorsline Company, a premier insurer of high-risk athletes in the U.S. for four decades, announced today that Gorsline Company has concluded a deal to secure the future development of its business. Following discussions between Gorsline and Karen Ellis, CEO of Gorsline’s longtime Lloyd’s of London brokers Ellis Clowes, a new organization, Ellis Clowes North America, has been formed to continue the legacy that Gorsline has created and nurtured in auto racing.

“We are delighted to have secured a growth and succession plan with our London brokers which satisfies my dream to ensure that our clients are looked after for many years to come,” said Gorsline, who will stay on as Chairman, President and CEO of Gorsline Company and will be a director of Ellis Clowes North America.

Ellis Clowes North America has employed Andy Villa as COO. Villa is an insurance expert in New York and prior to this appointment had been with Gorsline Company for four years. Tim Nagle, Managing Director of Ellis Clowes, with his colleagues, will be making regular trips to the U.S. to assist in the expansion of the business.

“I am absolutely confident that through our efforts, as well as Andy’s and Tim’s, Ellis Clowes North America will continue my personal passion for motorsports and will serve our clients extremely well,” added Gorsline. “Andy and Tim are a formidable duo and have the drive and energy to take the business to the next level. After all, they have youth on their side!”

Gorsline personally has enjoyed a longtime friendship with Tim Clowes, the original founding partner of T L Clowes & Company in 1977, both of whom share the same passion for motorsports. With Clowes’ mentorship, Gorsline pioneered the concept of motorsports insurance in the U.S, and this latest development with Ellis Clowes North America came after 40 years of working together. Gorsline has long advocated Lloyd’s of London Insurance as the premier specialist provider in the world. “Lloyd’s of London’s market underwriters understand the business and risk of motorsports and thus have an impeccable claims-settling heritage,” he said.

“I first met John in the ’80s and between the two firms we have earned an enviable reputation in motorsports insurance.” said Ellis. “I have had a long and successful career in this specialist motorsports field as a Lloyd’s broker, and I have never been as excited as I am now at this opportunity. John can be confident that his hard work over the last four decades will continue to move forward with this new development, and I would like to express my thanks for the opportunity he has given us and the faith he has shown in Ellis Clowes.”

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