Safety changes planned for Le Mans

Safety changes planned for Le Mans


Safety changes planned for Le Mans


Increased run-off areas in the Porsche Curves are among a number of safety improvements planned at Le Mans ahead of next year’s 24 Hours.

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest, which runs the Le Mans circuit and organizes the 24 Hours, has revealed that there will be changes all around the track as it steps up its safety drive in the wake of the death of Allan Simonsen in this year’s race.

Club president Pierre Fillon explained that it was “important to learn the lessons” of Simonsen’s accident while retaining the current track layout. But he stressed that many of the changes planned for 2014 were already under consideration before this year’s race. These include the increase in run-off in the Porsche Curves, the only changes that the ACO have confirmed so far.

Run-off at the right-hand entry of the sequence will be increased in size, while gravel run-off will be added at the off-camber Chevrolet left-hander, formerly known as the Karting S.

The ACO declined to reveal what measures might be taken to improve safety at Tertre Rouge, the scene of Aston Martin driver Simonsen’s accident on lap three of this year’s 24 Hours.