New Korea pitlane exit gets mixed reviews

New Korea pitlane exit gets mixed reviews

Formula 1

New Korea pitlane exit gets mixed reviews


Formula 1 drivers believe the new pitlane exit in Korea is an improvement, despite some big bumps that will need flattening for the future.

Following complaints from drivers about the old pit exit design, which fed cars out at Turn 1, the new version runs them out to Turn 2 instead. Although the concept is better, the uneven track surface has been highlighted as a major problem.

Kimi Raikkonen said: “There are some big bumps, which are not ideal, but considering the circumstances and the way it is built, it should be better.”

Jenson Button thinks the bumps are too extreme.

“As drivers we wanted to have a different pit exit because it’s completely blind coming onto the circuit, and I think the idea is what we wanted,” he said. “But we didn’t realize there was going to be about a four inch drop where the drain is that runs across the run-off area. If you run over there, you lock all four wheels as you brake for the corner in the exit. And also when you come back onto the circuit there’s a massive jump again where the cone is.

“It’s not very good, really. I don’t really know what we can do about it now though. It’s too late, I think we’ve just got to put up with the bumps. Hopefully if we’re racing here next year it can be leveled out, because it’s not like driving on a circuit it’s like doing a demo day when you have to raise the ride height. The car is basically off the floor over there.”

Mark Webber added: “It is not the standard that it should be, but there is not much they can do now. We know it is there, but it is pretty special. I am sure they will improve it if we come back.”