Tech 3: MotoGP expansion vital

Tech 3: MotoGP expansion vital


Tech 3: MotoGP expansion vital


MotoGP’s expansion to a 19-round calendar was needed to help safeguard the future of teams in both the premier class and feeder categories, according to Tech 3 boss Herve Poncharal.

Poncharal said many teams receive financial assistance from Dorna, making it imperative for the championship organizer to seek out new revenues from additional events. He said that adding one additional round for 2014 represents a good compromise given that 20 events would have risked overstretching teams.

“Many teams have financial support from Dorna, and if we want that to continue we have to understand that Dorna has to make money,” Poncharal said prior to next year’s calendar being announced.”Most team managers understand that one more race is a way to balance the loss we have in some departments.

“Moto3 and Moto2, most of their income is from the championship, especially the smaller teams. So adding races will help their budget.”

Poncharal said that calendar expansion was also the most logical way for Dorna to grow its revenues.

“Dorna has three main incomes: sponsorship which is going down TV rights, and GP organization,” he explained. “Clearly this [the calendar] is the only area at the moment the championship can improve. At the moment we should be very happy there are places knocking at the door.

“I think Carmelo [Ezpeleta, Dorna boss] is well aware of the maximum number of races we can do, but I completely support the idea we need more races. When the likes of Brazil, Thailand and Russia are knocking on the door, you cannot just say no.”