FIA tweaks WEC factory LMP1 rules

FIA tweaks WEC factory LMP1 rules


FIA tweaks WEC factory LMP1 rules


Factory teams racing in the LMP1 class of next year’s World Endurance Championship will be able to score manufacturers’ points with two cars rather than one. The rule change, described by WEC boss Gerard Neveu as “a common sense move,” was approved at last week’s FIA World Motor Sport Council.

The move reverses a previous change made in the run-up to the start of the 2012 WEC in the wake of Peugeot’s withdrawal from the series.

Part of the deal for Toyota to file a full-season entry for last year’s WEC, rather than a racing on a race-by-race basis, was a change in the sporting regulations to allow only the best-placed car from each manufacturer to score at each event.

“We kept everything as it was for this year because we didn’t want to make any changes to the regulations,” Neveu said. “But there is no doubt that what will happen next year is the correct and honest way to do it: if you enter two cars in the championship, you should be able to score points with two cars.”

Where a manufacturer fields an extra car, such as Audi has done at Spa in each of the past two seasons, it will be ineligible for points and will be ‘invisible’ in the classification, meaning it does not take points away from regular entries. That does not apply at the Le Mans 24 Hours where manufacturers are allowed to enter a third scoring car.

In this instance, the two best-placed cars from each manufacturer can accrue points.