Crutchlow admits crashes took toll

Crutchlow admits crashes took toll


Crutchlow admits crashes took toll


Cal Crutchlow admits his spate of crashes during practice and warm-up for the British Grand Prix took their toll and compromised his form in his home MotoGP race.

The Briton fell heavily twice on Friday, including a heavy crash that injured his forearm, and again in Sunday’s warm-up. He says that all three incidents affected his race performance, robbing him of confidence but more importantly derailing preparatory work and leaving the team scrambling for set-up ideas.

“What went wrong was that I crashed on Saturday morning,” Crutchlow said after finishing a distant seventh. “What went wrong was we were too indecisive about fuel tanks. A lot went wrong. Ultimately I never performed. I don’t make excuses, I had a bad weekend.

“I crashed, my arm is a mess, so I was unable to brake they way I wanted. On Friday we were top three; qualifying we were top three. I know I can go fast around this place.

“In the race I was riding around unable to do anything, [we] had no bike set-up over the weekend and no confidence in the race. That’s not like me at all.”

Crutchlow said a poor run of form coming into Silverstone also contributed to his malaise at Silverstone.

“I had a bad run leading up to this race. Indy we were miles off, Brno we crashed and here we topped it off – I was not wanting to crash, I needed to finish,” he said.

“We need to go away and regroup.

“If I was fully fit and hadn’t crashed, I believe I could have been towards the podium – towards the podium – but I’m not one to say ‘shoulda coulda woulda’.

“No matter the circumstances that was where I finished and that’s it. The other guys did a better job than me over the weekend.”

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