Massa: Eau Rouge no longer great

Massa: Eau Rouge no longer great

Formula 1

Massa: Eau Rouge no longer great


Felipe Massa believes Eau Rouge is no longer a great corner despite it being one of the most famous parts of any circuit in the world.

The Brazilian, winner of the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix, believes that current Formula 1 cars mean it is less of a challenge for drivers.

“When I started in Formula 1 with the V10 it was always a more difficult corner to do,” he said. “On new tires [it was] flat-out, but most of the laps not flat-out and a very tricky corner to do.

“Now it is flat-out first lap and whatever tires you have, you’re doing that corner flat-out. So it’s not a corner anymore, it’s a straight. You have all the corners that are much more tricky now compared to Eau Rouge.

“This is the situation, unfortunately, because Eau Rouge was a great place to watch, a great corner, and now it’s not for us driving.”

Many drivers still rate Spa as one of the most challenging on the calendar even though Eau Rouge is no longer a challenge. But although the track has several other fast, difficult corners notably the long left-hander at Pouhon Massa believes the track is not as enjoyable as it was during F1’s V10 era, which he raced in from 2002-’05.

“You reduce a little bit the pleasure of driving Spa now it is with a V8 and in an easy car to do Eau Rouge flat-out compared to the past when I was driving a V10,” said Massa.