IndyCar Drivers meeting notes from Toronto

IndyCar Drivers meeting notes from Toronto


IndyCar Drivers meeting notes from Toronto


Updates and clarifications have been laid down by IndyCar regarding standing start procedure, restart procedure, and what constitutes the racing surface,

These are the notes following the driver meeting:

•Brake markers were added in Turn 3, drivers’ right.

•Tires are in Turns 5 and 9 so the following rule is in effect: A Car will be credited with a lap when its timing transponder crosses the start/finish line after completing one entire lap of the Track with two wheels of the Car having remained on the Racing Surface at all times, as determined from the scoring records. Notwithstanding the foregoing: If a Car returns to pit lane under its own power and retires from the Race, INDYCAR may credit the Car with completion of the lap. On the last lap of a Race, a Car will be officially credited with a lap when any part of the Car under its own power crosses the finish line. A Car will not be permitted to advance or maintain its position relative to other Cars due to an excursion off the Racing Surface unless the excursion was due to the Car taking evasive action.

•The restart zone has been redefined, starting at Grid Row 12 to Grid Row 7 on the front stretch. Leader dictates acceleration for the restart.

•If the first standing start is aborted, the field will pull away and meet up with the Pace Car. The two Safety Trucks at the back of the grid will clear the disabled car to pit road. The field will take two formation laps, re-grid and make a second attempt at a standing start. This procedure was instituted because post-race data from Race #1 showed temperatures were not reaching the point of overheating on the grid, and it only took 32 seconds to grid the 24 cars.