Danny Thompson's LSR diary: Kickstarting funding

Danny Thompson's LSR diary: Kickstarting funding


Danny Thompson's LSR diary: Kickstarting funding


Funding the restoration of my dad’s streamliner has always been a challenge. Large sponsors are primarily interested in exposure, and Bonneville racing, while thrilling, is not the world’s best spectator sport.

From the outset, we got a lot of help from the team at Mickey Thompson Tires, to whom I’m very grateful. Since then, I’ve been providing most of the money myself, with additional assistance in various forms from my tireless crew and a handful of generous individuals like Eric Hoening. As we get closer to performing our test runs, that model is no longer cutting it. Our biggest supports have always been our friends, fans, and fellow racers, so we’re turning to them to help get Mickey Thompson’s Challenger II back to the salt.

In order to do that, we’re using something called “Kickstarter.” It’s a fundraising platform that allows individual donors to contribute money in exchange for a reward. We’ve got some really great stuff to offer, from packs of vintage Mickey Thompson decals to your name painted next to mine on the side of the car. Plus, every person that donates will get to vote on the streamliner’s designation and color scheme, both of which will be designed and applied by the famous automotive designer Chip Foose.

If you can contribute, we’d really appreciate it. If not, I’d like to recruit you to help spread the word. Kickstarter is all or nothing, which means that if we fall short of our goal, we won’t see a penny.

Every person that you tell, in person or via something like Facebook, gets us closer to the number we need to finish this project. If you’re interested in helping us, you can go to our website (thompsonlsr.com <http://thompsonlsr.com> ) and select Kickstarter, or head there directly by clicking here: http://kck.st/18xEkT4

I’d like to end by thanking all of you who have been following our project here on RACER.com. We’ve run into more challenges than I care to count, and it is your enthusiasm and support that has kept us going. We will get this car to the salt, and I’ll keep you updated on our progress right here. If you’re extra curious, there is always more information at our website. See you next week.