Vorsteiner reveals McLaren MP4-VX

Vorsteiner reveals McLaren MP4-VX


Vorsteiner reveals McLaren MP4-VX


What’s more exclusive than a McLaren? How about this tuner version.

In its effort to stay true to the McLaren brand, Vorsteiner’s designers kept as much of the existing body lines of the MP4 intact while enhancing the original line to what it calls “a more edgier and aggressive form.” The new body parts also took into account everyday drivability and functionality, maximizing ground clearance for daily drivers while aiming to improve overall aerodynamics and looks.

The MP4-VX program also features Vorsteiner’s latest in 1-piece aluminum forged wheels technology. The wheels were engineered to be specifically load rated for the weight of this car so that the wheels can maximize weight savings during the CNC milling process without compromises in safety. The new wheels are 20x9J and 21x12J inch wide with 245/25/20 and 325/30/21 tires to keep the car well planted around corners.

The MP4-VX program is composed of:

Carbon Fiber Front Bumper with dual air duct system and side ventilation louvers
Carbon Fiber Add-On Front Spoiler
Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper with dual ventilation louvers & central vent opening
Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser with integrated Dual Diffuser Tunnels
4 Piece Carbon Fiber Side Skirt blade with floating front fin element

Starting at the front, the MP4-VX showcases a completely redesigned nose made entirely out of latest dry carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave technology. This new front end consists of a full replacement bumper cover with features such as a completely redesigned ducting system, side air vent elements and a separate front spoiler that aids in front end downforce. The bumpers, like all Vorsteiner original products, utilize all factory mounting hardware and is 100% reversible if the vehicle was ever returned back to its stock form.

The most visually striking component of the MP4-VX kikit would be replacement carbon fiber rear bumper cover and rear diffuser element. The optical carbon fiber rear bumper also features two ventilation louvers on the side and 1 in the center to assist in heat being dissipated from the engine and exhaust.

The new carbon and Kevlar reinforced composite rear diffuser features race inspired tunnels to further improve on airflow and keep the rear end planted against the road with larger mesh perimeter opening to further assist in cooling the engine temperature.

Lastly, the vehicle has improved airflow dynamics with our 4-piece carbon fiber side blade elements, giving the vehicle a lower sportier stance while improving downforce at high speeds.

For more information, check out http://www.vorsteiner.com