Dallara opts out of IndyCar aero kit production

Dallara opts out of IndyCar aero kit production


Dallara opts out of IndyCar aero kit production


IndyCar Series chassis supplier Dallara has previously expressed its disinterest in providing aero kits, and with the latest “final” technical specifications for the custom bodywork having been sent to potential manufacturers, the constructor tells RACER it has officially chosen to refrain from taking part in the program.

“When the rules opened up, engine manufacturers had the right to do their own bodywork and brand the car with their name, so as an engineering company, it does not make sense to manufacture our own Dallara bodywork when GM and Honda will be making their own bodywork,” said Dallara USA CEO Stefano dePonti. “For this reason, we will not do aero kits. We will supply IndyCar all of the data for the other manufacturers to make their aero kits, but the costs to do aero kits is very expensive. It’s a huge marketing decision, a huge message for the auto manufacturers to use. We are not an auto manufacturer, so we will stay out of this.”

Without the commission from a manufacturer to produce an aero kit, dePonti says investing Dallara’s money to try and beat Chevy and Honda would be a pointless and costly exercise.

“Competing against Honda and Chevy [with aero kits] does not make sense for a small company like ours,” he stated. “And we assume that with the way the cars will receive branding, Chevy will want its teams to have Chevy bodywork, and Honda teams to have Honda bodywork, so we do not see the feasibility to spend a lot of money to make something that might not be put on a car.

“The best thing for us is to continue to work with the series to support the Dallara chassis and not to engage in the new bodywork design.”