Mercedes to receive Pirelli test data

Mercedes to receive Pirelli test data

Formula 1

Mercedes to receive Pirelli test data


Mercedes F1a will receive data on Pirelli’s findings about its new tires at the young driver test this week, despite being banned from taking part in it.

Although Mercedes is not allowed to run at Silverstone this week as punishment for its illegal use of a 2013 car during a Pirelli test after the Spanish Grand Prix, it will still have access to some  data from the three days.Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery said that his company will continue its policy of sharing all tire test data with each team.

“The teams will have a very clear tire test program,” said Hembery. “They have to run what we are telling them to run.

“Mercedes do have a lot of data from the tire from last year in terms of the way it will affect aero and setup. I think they would have benefited from being able to run. However, we give all the teams the same feedback [after the test]. We look at the same data, so they have all the same information.”

As well as Pirelli’s data from the Silverstone test, Mercedes reckons that its experience of back-to-back tests with the 2012 and 2013 rubber at last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix will help it minimise any disadvantage.

“We are looking at our experiences. We did some comparisons in Brazil between 2012 and 2013 tires, so we are looking at all that data,” explained team boss Ross Brawn (LEFT). We know the 2012 tires from last year pretty well, and there are still 2012 wind tunnel tires around.

“We are looking at it all to try to anticipate any effect [the new tires] have. We don’t expect the changes to be dramatic, but I think the construction changes are the ones that are going to be most significant.

“It doesn’t help [missing the test] as we won’t be trying the 2012 tire on the [2013] car until we get to Hungary. It would have been nice to have an insight, but that is what we have to live with.”

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