Haas looking to become more American-focused

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Haas looking to become more American-focused

Formula 1

Haas looking to become more American-focused


Guenther Steiner believes Haas F1 can adopt a more American emphasis  as interest in Formula 1 continues to grow in the United States.

When Haas first entered F1 back in 2016 there was only one U.S. race on the calendar, and team owner Gene Haas’s priority was to use the sports reach to grow global awareness of Haas Automation. However, with 2023 set to feature three grands prix in America when Las Vegas joins existing races in Miami and Austin on the schedule, Steiner says the time is right to adjust those priorities.

“We need to use that (American identity) more now because there is more presence (in the United States),” Steiner told RACER. “It’s what we need to do as a team, it’s not a directive. We were never told what we have to be – we are who we are. But now I think we can focus on it more because there’s more interest.

“Before, you could try to create interest but the response was weak. But now, knowing the response is big, for sure we will focus on that.”

In terms of more significant changes to the team, which enjoys a close technical partnership with Ferrari, Steiner says Haas is unlikely to adapt its structure in the short-term but can consider doing so in future thanks to F1’s budget cap.

“At the moment we couldn’t because we would make too big of a step back to maybe make two forward,” he said. “So we cannot afford to do that at the moment. For now we keep on going as we are, and then at some stage maybe there comes a point where you say ‘maybe we change the strategy how we do this.’ But we are not there yet. So at the moment we are very focused on getting the very best out of how we are doing things.

“At the moment we are not looking at it because we want to finish this (approach). There’s more possibilities to look at that going forward but at the moment we haven’t done it.”