Porsche set to buy 50 percent share of Red Bull for F1 entry

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Porsche set to buy 50 percent share of Red Bull for F1 entry

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Porsche set to buy 50 percent share of Red Bull for F1 entry


Porsche is set purchase a 50 percent share of Red Bull Technology in order to enter Formula 1 in 2026 as a partner of the team, according to legal documents.

The Volkswagen Group’s interest in joining F1 when the new power unit regulations are introduced was confirmed by VW earlier this year, with both Porsche and Audi getting the green light to work on their entries. While Audi’s plans appear less concrete at this stage, Porsche has been consistently linked with a Red Bull partnership, and further details of the plans have now emerged.

While there is no official confirmation at this stage, the need to submit documentation to antitrust authorities has led to the mandatory publication of the intended deal in Morocco:


The disclosure document states Porsche has agreed to purchase a 50% stake in Red Bull Technology, claiming it will be announced on August 4 and will involve a 10-year commitment. Porsche is expected to be the power unit supplier, but the ownership stake could result in greater influence.

When asked to to comment on the documents when contacted by RACER, a Red Bull spokesperson said: “Further to speculation that has been reported about a potential future involvement from Porsche into Red Bull Powertrains and Red Bull’s Formula 1 team, as has been previously stated, the companies remain engaged in constructive discussions.

“We all are looking forward to the satisfactory finalization of the FIA’s various sporting, financial and technical regulations for 2026.”

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