CTMP 1-2 lifts Murillo Racing in MPC GS

Richard Dole/Lumen

CTMP 1-2 lifts Murillo Racing in MPC GS


CTMP 1-2 lifts Murillo Racing in MPC GS


Murillo Racing scored its first double podium result in the team’s history at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park last weekend. The one-two finish for the team leaves its No. 56 and No. 72 Mercedes-AMG GT4 second and third in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sports championship. The win for the No. 56 Mercedes was the second of the season and the No. 72 Mercedes scored its second podium.

Eric Foss, who drove the No. 56 Mercedes to victory credited his teammates in the No. 72 Mercedes for their team-focused effort in the race.

“Christian Szymczak was very generous today,” Foss said. “I made a couple of mistakes toward the end of the race, and he had the opportunity to pounce, but we definitely wanted to make sure we stayed clean. It’s just amazing to bring both Mercedes-AMG GT4s home one-two like that and get the great result here.”

The result was extra special for Kenny Murillo, who scored his first career pole position and set a new track record at CTMP in the process.

“Anything less than a podium was not going to feel good,” Murillo said. “If we were going to get beat, it was going to be by our teammates. I am really happy for the team, they have been working really hard all weekend long.

“Canada always brings some logistical challenges, so we were working with just half the crew, it was especially hard on the crew, so to bring them a one-two finish just feels really good.”

Not even a mechanical failure in the race could spoil the good feelings of Tim Probert and Brent Mosing about their Murillio Racing ride. Jake Galstad/Motorsport Images

Murillo Racing started the race with all three of its cars in the top five. Adding to the festivities during the weekend was the 71st birthday of Tim Probert, who celebrated by qualifying the No. 65 Mercedes-AMG GT4 fifth on the grid.

The team’s luck would run out in the race, however, as a mechanical issue for the No. 65 Mercedes cost Probert and Mosing a chance at one of their best results of the year. The seemingly always cheerful duo was not too bothered by the issues, though.

“I had a ball,” Probert said. “It was a great weekend,” Mosing added. Each of which is a phrase not often uttered from a driver who retires from a race with mechanical issues.

“Brent and I aren’t upset at all because we can’t remember the last time we had a problem,” Probert said. “It has just been a super reliable car and Murillo gave us a wonderful setup. I had a ball. Running in the overall top five and six is just not something I normally do, and I really felt we could have a great result today.”